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Using technology - effectively

Your information and communication technology is the central nervous system of your business.

Effectively harnessing all available communication channels will enable your business to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

As new ways of communicating have emerged, so the landscape has shifted. Email and mobile technology are now ubiquitous, meaning we are all now available at the touch of a button. Resultantly clients demand almost instantaneous service and results.

NetSecrets can help adapt and improve your current communications structures thereby adding real value to your business.

We use all of the following technologies in our own business - and highly recommend our clients do the same!

SMS Text Messaging

SMS technology offers every business a substantial cost saving of between 40-70% on average when switching from voice calls to SMS text messages. Typically SMS is now being used as a preferred, personal method of client contact or to keep in touch with employees who are on the road and absent from offices...more

Premium SMS & Mobile Marketing

Premium SMS shortcode numbers are being increasingly used for mobile marketing campaigns either as a revenue generator or to build opt-in mailing lists for further SMS broadcasts. FASTMMS is NetSecrets' platform for delivering shortcode campaigns...more

Email Broadcasting

Email broadcasting is not "spam". An effective, managed and targeted email campaign can produce significant results for your business. Tracking and monitoring can be fine tuned to almost a science. Few methods of marketing offer such a controllable, measurable method of getting your message to your clients...more


Voice over IP telephony uses your broadband connection to offer incredibly cost effective business telephone services. You can keep your current telephone numbers, your PBX and even the same handsets. The cost benefit to a business of replacing standard "landline" technology with VoIP telephony quickly runs into hundreds or thousands of pounds per year depending on the size of the organisation...more

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