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Why NetSecrets Connectivity?

  • Upto 8Mbps Downstream (Dependant on distance from BT's exchange)
  • 50:1 or 20:1 Contention Rate (Worst Case)
  • Based in London Docklands
  • FREE Static IP Address
  • NO Premium Phone Lines
  • NO Menu - Speak to a person
  • NO Contract

8Mbps downstream means that you can download files at a maximum speed of upto 8Mbps, the further you are from BT's exchange the lower your speed will be.

Contention Rate is the maximum number of other people you will have to share the connection infrastructure with. Our service is primarily aimed at businesses so our connections have very little contention.

Our Servers are based in Docklands in London which means they are directly above the LINX Network (London Internet Exchange). This gives the fastest connection possible to UK Servers (e.g. websites & email).

A Static IP address is essential for remote access to your network, to use an in-house mail server and prevents blacklisting issues as you could be assigned an IP Address a previous user had been spamming from.

Through our own research we have found one of the biggest complaints people have when needing support is that they have to call a premium phone line costing them a fortune and are forced to speak to machines. We agree with our research so call us on a normal phone line and speak to one of our team.

We do not believe in forcing you to stay with us whether you like the service or not so only require 30 days notice should you need to cancel, whatever the reason.

Package Name Contention Rate Peak Limit Off Peak Limit Price PCM
NSConnect Max 50:1 30GB 300GB £19.56
NSConnect Max Premium 20:1 45GB 300GB £28.75
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