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Website Project Explained

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This document explains the process followed by NetSecrets in producing your website. Although all sites are unique each project undertaken by NetSecrets goes through the following stages.

1. The Specification

At the start of the project we collect all the information we need to begin the design and development process. This is achieved with a series of questionnaires, 1 to 1 meetings and client specific research. The information required includes company information, site objectives, existing in-house styles, web design style, structure and features.

2. Design Draft

This is the first stage of the website development. Firstly we produce a static layout for you to review in the form of a graphical image. This is similar to a screen shot and is the stage where we can easily change elements of the design layout.

3. Live Page Design

Once we have agreed a design draft we produce the design as a single live web page for you to approve. This allows you to see such elements as live navigation buttons and animations. At this stage we ask you for any final design changes and then your approval of the design.

4. Site Build

The site build is where we take the approved page design and build the entire site. At this stage we require the final copy for each page so we can build it into site. Once complete we will publish the site on the internet in a test area for you to look over.

5. Feature Development

This stage is when we will complete any feature development on the site. This includes search facilities, member areas, content management, etc the details of which will have been supplied in the specification process.

6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is the final stage of the project where the completed and approved site is optimised for the major search engines and submitted in accordance with the agreed strategy.

7. Support and Promotion

Once the site is live, page optimisation is complete and the initial submissions to search engines and directories complete the site passes into Support and Promotion phase. This normally lasts 6 months and during this period we refine both the content and the promotion strategy to meet the agreed performance objectives for the site.

Towards the end of this period we agree new, more ambitious targets, and set in place a further support and promotion contract, normally for a further 12 month period.

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