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Website Project Questionnaire

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Project Specification - What's Required?

The following document outlines the information we need to complete the specification process of your project. There is a brief explanation before each section asks for your input, if you have any questions or require any help please email our design team at or call on 01905 672591.

1.1 Project Contact

The contact details (name, tel, mobile and email) for the person or persons we should be updating during the project.

1.2 Contact Details

The full contact details to be displayed on the site. This information will be used in the footer of every page and on any specific "contact details" page(s). The latest Company's Act also requires company registration details to be shown for all UK Limited companies.

1.3 Objective

Here is where you specify the objective(s) of the project; this helps us to target our efforts on the business criteria you define. This could be as simple as "more online sales" or "improved online identity" but is important for all involved so we may judge the success of the project.

1.4 About You

Here is where you can tell us about you, your business and your product(s) or service(s). This is not for use on the site but is to help us get a proper feel for the personality of the project.

1.5 Domain Name

Specify the domain name for the site project. If this has not been selected or registered we can organise this for you and help you choose an effective name.

1.6 Hosting Details

Specify your hosting details if you are not hosting with us. If you are hosting with us please state and we will have your details on file.

1.7 Site Structure

Specify the pages you want on the site.This enables us to build the correct navigation into the page design. Most sites follow a similar structure, this is important for organisational purposes as well as giving the visitor ease of navigation when browsing your web site.

Example site structure.

--> Service1
--> Service2
--> Service3
--> About Us
--> Links
Contact Details

1.8 Site Logo

Specify the logo you wish to use on your site, which should be supplied in digital format. If you do not have a logo you want to use please give a brief description of the logo that is required.

1.9 Company Colours

Specify the colours you would like us to use for the site design, which can be obtained from any existing company media you have (please supply in digital format) or if you do not have any current corporate colours please specify your preference.

1.10 Images

Specify the images you wish to use in the site design, which can be specific shots of you, your premises, your product or library shots that reinforce your sector, product or personality. If you would like to use library shots please specify either type, such as; business people, industrial premises or country scenes or you could provide your own photos from any of the many online photo libraries,,

1.11 Site Style

Specify any preferences to the style of your site. This could be professional, corporate, fun, sports, futuristic, funky, schools, technology, etc.

1.12 Phrases / Slogans

You can specify any slogans or positioning statements your company has or you would like on the site design. This will most likely be used in the header of the design and is important because it reinforces to a visitor browsing your site what you do and what you stand for. If you do not have any you wish to use then reference to your main product(s) or service(s) can be used.

1.13 Example Sites

Here is where you can specify any sites you like something about. This could be the colour, navigation, overall style or a particular feature. You can specify any site you come across; competitor, supplier or just one you are aware of. To give you a starting point please browse our portfolio.

1.14 Special Requirements

Specify any special requirements you have for your site. These could be; navigation buttons of a certain type, animations or site features such as; search facilities, client areas or content management for news items. Please give as much detail as possible and remember if the request is outside the original quote then we will have to quote for the additional work separately.

Once this document has been filled in with your information then please save it, and email it back to so we can assess your responses and complete the specification phase of the project.

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