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Home / Internet Services / Hosting / What hosting provider?

What hosting do I need?

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is where your web site shares a web server with several other web sites. Modern server technology is such that many sites can share a single machine without loss of performance. We strictly limit however the total number of users so as to maintain rapid performance for your visitors. We offer web hosting on both Linux and Windows 2003 (.NET) servers with several options on each for different amounts of web space, varied email facilities or applications. None of our servers are ever configured to more than 40% of their potential capacity so your site will never be effected by overloads, even temporary ones.

How Much Web Space Do I Need

The amount of web space you need is divided into two main factors, website files and email storage. The amount of space you need for your web site is the total size of your site files plus log files and room for growth. The amount of storage space required for email depends on the number of mailboxes and the amount of email traffic you expect. We would normally recommend 20MB per user. However if you are unsure please give us a call on 01905 672591 or email

How Many Mailboxes Do I Need?

The number of mailboxes required depends on a number of factors. How many employees you have that you wish to have access to email, will everyone have their own account or will you have an account per department? All our mailboxes come with unlimited addresses (also known as aliases) which can be directed at a single or group of mailboxes.

For example if you had a sales dept and accounts dept and the head of the sales dept was called Steve and the head of the accounts dept was called Julie. The mailboxes would be called sales and accounts. You could then set addresses as sales@ enquiries@ and steve@ to go to the sales dept mailbox and account@ accounts@ and Julie@ to go to the accounts dept mailbox. This would keep the two dept mail separate. info@ may be a general address that you wish to go to both dept. All these can be easily administered through the Ensim control panel Site Administrator.

What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth or Data Transfer is used by your web site traffic and sending and receiving email. For example if someone views a web page on your site which is 1MB in size it will consume 1MB of your bandwidth. If 10 people view it then 10MB of bandwidth will be consumed or if you send an email with a 2MB attachment it will use 2MB of your bandwidth.

About Our Web Servers

Our core network is based in TeleHouse Europe and Global Switch and operates on multiple redundant bandwidths from several of the world's best internet backbone providers providing uninterrupted service with maximum web site uptime. All of our web hosting solutions include the Ensim web-based control panel enabling you to administer email and user settings remotely, set up auto-responders and mailing lists and generally take control of your web space without needing to become a technical expert in web server management. We are using world-leading manufacturers in high performance switching, routing, web and email systems. We offer shared hosting on Linux and Windows 2003 (.NET) servers, dedicated hosting on any platform you specify and terrific colocation deals if you want your own server along with the benefits of a high quality managed environment.

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