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Home / Internet Services / Hosting / What hosting provider?

Web Hosting

What should I be looking for from my hosting provider?

Resilient - 99.99% Uptime

If your site is not visible when a visitor tries to view it, are they really likely to come back and try again?


WHERE your website is physically located is massively important. People are impatient! - If you are hosted on the other side of the world (or even the other side of the country) pages will take longer to load, page refresh rates will be much slower. Visitors will get BORED and leave before you even gain their interest.


There are some nasty things lurking out there - Viruses, Trojans, Worms and the like - all looking for the opportunity to do damage to your site and, consequently, your business. 24/7 security for your server is a must. Physical security is also important - who exactly has access to the servers that drive your website? Are you protected from malicious attacks whether they arrive though a wire - or the front door?

Useable / Scalable

Does your choice of provider offer the latest range of powerful server tools for simple self management? Can your provider keep pace with your growth & development? What happens when you outgrow your current server? Can they offer you the best advice, with YOUR needs uppermost - not theirs?


What's on the box? Who else is sharing your space? Both are very important considerations. If you are unknowingly sharing your server space with someone less than reputable you may run into all sorts of problems. A common example is when an IP address is blocked due to spam emails being sent from it. If your website is hosted on the same IP range it will be blocked too - and your website may vanish.

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