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What are search engine keywords and key phrases?
How do you decide which are the best target phrases to go after?

Optimising Web Pages

What are meta tags?
Do alt tags help with search engine rankings?

What Are ALT Tags?

Alt tags are the labels that describe the images on your web page. Here's the UKWDA logo:


If you put your mouse pointer over the image a label can be seen, "UKWDA". This is set up within an alt tag. Simple!

Do ALT Tags Matter?

Firstly they are quite user friendly in that the alt description often is visible before the image itself so it can tell the visitor what to expect. Also useful for the visually impaired. But more importantly they can be used as another spot to place important key words to help search engines understand what your site is about. Please note we strongly disapprove of using meta tags, alt tags or anything else to do anything but reinforce the true content of a web site. There is no point in deceiving a search engine because all you end up with is a disappointed visitor who won't buy off you so what is the point?

So help the search engines get better quality results by including important keywords that accurately represent the content of your site in a couple of alt tags. It will help a little in most search engines, and successful search engine work is the meticulous accumulation of lots of little advantages. Don't overdo it though or it will do more harm than good. Limit your alt tags to maybe 25 words total and don't repeat a keyword more than twice.

If you have keywords seperated by commas in the head tag of the page then add a few seperated by spaces in an alt tag. On another page do the opposite. That way you maximise the number of different search engines you might appeal to.

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