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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS allows you to send a customisable message to a list of numbers. When you enter the Bulk SMS area you will see five text boxes to the left of the screen. What you enter in these boxes effects the content of your message.

Guide To Bulk SMS

Numbers: - Enter the numbers you wish to send messages to here. Each number must be on a new line as illustrated on the right. These numbers are only there for demonstration purposes and should be deleted before you add your own list. The names in brackets are also only for demonstration purposes and you should not include these after your numbers either. The numbers must be in the international format i.e. UK mobile number will be in the format 44xxxxxxxxxx. The initial 0 must be omitted and there must be no spaces.

R1 (Optional): - The text you type in here is inserted at point R1 in the text message. The text inserted only applies to the number on the corresponding line in the numbers field. In the example given the message sent to Mike will begin "Dear Mike..." and the one to david "Dear David...". In this way it is possible to insert a list of numbers from a spreadsheet in the numbers field and a list of names in the field so that all messages are personalised. This field does not have to contain names, or anything at all.

R2 (Optional): - The text you type in here is inserted at point R2 in the text message. As with text inserted at R1 it is specific to the number on the corresponding line in the number field. You can enter any text in here, or none at all.

Own Number or ID: - what you enter here is what is shown as the sender on the recipient's phone.

Message: - The text you type in here is not sent specifically to individual numbers but to all the numbers you enter in the top field. The and tags will be replaced by the text (if any) in the above boxes and will not be visible to the recipient, even if no text is inserted.

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