<%@Language="VBScript"%> <% option explicit%> SMS text messages to mobiles via desktop or website
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SMS Services

**NEW** FastSMS System
Guide to SMS Sender

Guide to Web Based SMS
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Web Based SMS

To use the NetSecrets Web Based SMS you need to have opened an account with us. This is done when you purchase some credits.

To access your account you need to browse to www.fastsms.co.uk

You will be asked to enter the username & password that will have been supplied to you on completion of your order.

Once you have accessed your account you will see a number of options down the left hand side of the screen, this is shown below in more detail.

Guide To Sending SMS

This is the interface for sending SMS messages.

Number: - the recipient number. The number must be in the international format without the leading 0 and with no spaces. (UK example: 447788123456)

Select a contact: - the drop-down menu allows you use a number from your contact list

Select a group: - the drop-down menu allows you send a single message to multiple contacts

Own Number: - this number is where the message will appear to have come from

Message: - this is where you enter the message you wish to transmit

Contact Details

Unit 25 Stockwood Business Park, Stockwood, Nr Redditch, Worcs B96 6SX, United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0)1386 792972 Fax: +44 (0)870 479 3791
email: info@netsecrets.co.uk

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