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Audio & Video Streaming Services

Netsecrets' PlanetStream shared streaming media hosting makes it easy and affordable to add exciting audio and video content to any web site. Your audio and video files are run from our streaming servers which support any or all of the popular media players, including Macromedia Flash, Microsoft® Windows Media™™, Real System G2™, and Apple QuickTime™. This way you avoid the cost and technical complexity of buying, setting up and running your own streaming media servers whilst preserving high performance and a good measure of control.

On Demand Streaming:

We host media files that are accessed by clicking on links on your web site. The video or audio clips are then shown in your visitor's browser using one of the popular media players. Widely used for music and video samples, product or company presentations, training and educational support and investor messages. There is no setup charge and a choice of quarterly or annual fees based on disk space and data transfer.

Live Event Streaming:

Enables you to offer a live web broadcast ("webcast") of an event captured on webcam or other video device. The encoded output from the camera or mixing desk feeds into our server via an internet connection and can be viewed via a link on your site by multiple visitors. Used for conferences, sporting events, shop openings, even weddings and christenings! Pay a modest setup fee and thereafter you simply pay by the hour for the service.

24 Hour Event Streaming:

Works in a similar way to Live Event Streaming but is a permanent stream. It is mostly used for internet TV and radio broadcasting. A video or audio feed is connected to our streaming server and from there is disseminated to the outside world. There is a one off setup fee and a choice of quarterly fees based on the bit rate of the incoming feed and the amount of data transfer required.

Other Services:

As well as streaming hosting we can provide encoding services to convert your audio and video files into the correct format for streaming; production services such as cameras, mixing desks and technicians for recording or broadcasting events.

For full details of any of our streaming media services please visit

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