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Traffic Analysis

What all companies require in an increasingly competitive marketplace is a quantifiable return on the investment made in its website.

Firstly - you need to know who's been visiting...

Every hosting company will provide detailed log files that record the traffic to your website - in fact a busy site can generate several megabytes of this data on a daily basis.

Then you need to interpret the results...

What is generally not provided is the ability to ANALYSE this data and gain any actual, recordable benefit from it. There are many "web traffic analysers" available, software applications that can help sort this data into a readable format, if you have the time, expertise - and inclination.

Traffic Analysis

At NetSecrets we regard this data as absolutely essential - it allows you to constantly measure the vital signs of your website. We provide an incredibly powerful interface that allows REAL TIME reporting of your website statistics.

That means NO software to install, NO tedious sifting through log files, and immediate access to your valuable data.

Using the Hitslink application you can easily track all of the following and much much more:

Every single unique, new and repeat visitor - including pages viewed, number of visits, source of enquiry and actions completed - whether that is submitting an enquiry, downloading documents or placing an order.

Entry / Exit page for every visitor - which pages are most successful in generating traffic? Are there any pages that are an immediate turn off to prospects?

e-Commerce order tracking from the visitor's arrival on your website to the point of placing an order.

Pay-Per-Click Keyword campaigns - which keywords drive results, not just traffic? Poorly managed PPC campaigns are a very good way of giving a lot of your money to advertisers - and getting very little in return. Working with Hitslink we can show you how to quickly and simply maximise your ROI for your PPC campaigns.

Click here for in-depth information on the Hitslink service.

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