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Website Promotion

Would you spend hundreds on a painting... ... and hang it in the dark?

Or thousands on an advert ... ... that no one will ever see?

The stark reality facing website owners in today's extremely competitive online market is that unless their site is designed, built and optimised correctly then visitor numbers will always be disappointing.

At NetSecrets we follow a simple rule that holds true for our own sites and for those of our many happy clients -


From initial design draft, through the separate stages of development, to site launch and beyond, it is YOUR BUSINESS that is uppermost in our minds - not how clever we can be.

No matter what business you are in, if prospective clients cannot find your website you will get few visitors.

Using years of knowledge and tried and trusted methods we can ensure your website achieves maximum visibility within the top search engines - resulting in new enquiries, and new business, for your company

Many people will have seen companies offering to "Submit your site to 20,000 search engines!" This is NOT what NetSecrets does. In truth, services of this nature are more likely to harm than do good.

For a more detailed breakdown of how we achieve high visibility for your website select one of the following;

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