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Keyword research always plays a very important part in any search engine positioning campaign we undertake. It is always the first step as it is indispensable to know what your target is before starting any optimisation project. See our advice section on keywords for more detail and case studies relating to the successful targeting of search engine keywords and key phrases.

The process we go through is as follows:

1. Examine customer site carefully to understand what it is targeting. This takes into account not just the products or services offered but also the geographic coverage. For example a dentist in the UK will want to concentrate on gaining visitors in the UK only whereas a giftware manufacturer wherever located will probably look to gain visitors worldwide. Sometimes our broad experience makes this activity pretty straightforward and we need little input from the client. In other instances we need more dialogue to establish an understanding.

2. Once we have this understanding we produce a number of reports using an invaluable tool known as WordTracker. This is a database of over 300 million search phrases which we can interrogate to establish the relative frequency of a specific phrase.

3. We build these results into a spreadsheet that shows us the "pecking order" of search phrases for a particular site and allows us to pick the targets for search engine optimisation. We produce a list of single keywords and also key phrases that will represent at least 80% of the searches used for that site's product, service or content.

For more information on WordTracker click on the image below:


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